Sunday, January 19, 2020

AweFirst‘ is a latest blogging site for anyone who is very ardent in gaining knowledge on Digital Marketing and for them also who are interested in showing their creativity through internet. People who are curious in discovering and learning new things are really going to love it.

AweFirst is about empowering entrepreneurs to make a positive impact on society with ideas and innovation. The mission of AweFirst is to transparently, passionately and powerfully be a positive example of the unlimited possibilities that life offers for those that are truly committed to mastery.

About Bhaba

My name is Bhabajyoti Kalita. But people usually call me as Bhaba. I’m very much passionate about Digital Marketing and also eager to learn more about technologies. AweFirst is my personal blog where I share all my knowledge that I learn. I strongly believe in self-learning and I’ve learned most of the things either from books or internet. 

Prior to Awefirst, I had an Affiliate marketing website Nimblebuy(currently unavailable) where I used to sell amazon affiliate products. Due to some internal problems I had to shut down that website.

Currently, I work as a per-time freelancer on platforms like Fiverr and Upwork. Along with that I also do CPA marketing.

Growing up, I was extremely shy and unhappy with my life. I was negative, lazy, poor, and suffered from depression.
One day everything changed – I looked myself in the mirror and finally had enough. I reached the point of “emotional threshold” and finally made a decision that would shape my life forever.
That decision was simple: I will NEVER settle for less than I can be, do, give, or create.
I knew that I was so much more than what I was demonstrating in life. I knew I had potential and had finally decided to tap into it.

At the age of 17, I started a journey of self-development and life mastery that would lead me to the life that I feel blessed to live today. Over the years, I made many bold decisions to begin to design the life that I had always envisioned for myself.
First, I started focusing on improving my personality and self-confidence. Throughout high school, I was socially hopeless and had many insecurities. I simply didn’t know how to relate to anyone, hold a conversation, or develop relationships with people…But today I see my life changing through internet…