The free affiliate marketing techniques are very much time consuming and gives a lot of stress. If you serious at your work, you have spent some money.

Think of this as an investment. Every business requires some investment. ROI is always calculated on investment. You cannot expect good results without any investments in your business.

At the same time, it is also very important to know the right way to spend money into your business. Otherwise, you will end up losing a lot of money.

Now, let’s look at some of the paid techniques and advertising methods that you can take advantage of if you want to drive more traffic to your affiliate business.

I prefer this method more than the free method. Little investments will give you better and faster results. Furthermore, if you’re serious about affiliate marketing you should go with this method.

Every business needs some investments. Think this as your real business. Investing some money will enable you to grow your business at a much faster pace.

With just a few bucks every month, you will be able to get access to tools that will make your life 10x easier, and allow to collect data and reach your goal faster.  

The amount of money that you invest into getting started with affiliate marketing will solely depend on you, as most of it will be on purchasing traffic (i.e visitors to your links).

If you don’t buy traffic, you can get started with a little as ₹1,000 ($14) a month with your hosting and domain. Then use the FREE strategy to drive traffic to your offers.

Keep in mind that this can still take a lot of time as finding potential traffic for free is not easy. It will take a lot of time.

In order to start with the paid method, you need a few tools. These tools are essential because they allow you to systemize the entire process and pretty much allow you to make money on auto-pilot.

Let’s see the tools that you will need access to in order to do affiliate marketing using the paid method in the right way.


An offer is a product that you would like to sell to your customers. The product can be either physical or Digital. Remember you should have good knowledge about the product. Without knowing the product don’t try to sell.

Website or Opt-in page 

A website can be a blog where you write articles about your chosen niche and recommend products within the content of your articles for your readers to purchase.

It is also sometimes referred to as a landing page or a squeeze page which is specially designed to capture someone’s information (such as name or email).

Here’s how a landing page looks:

landing page

Remember capturing email is very important in affiliate business. These emails are your real assets. The importance of emails is discussed later. 


These are the visitors that will come to your website. Basically, these are the people who are interested in your product.

Click Tracker

This is a software that allows you to track the number of people that click on your links. This tool is essential in order to scale your business to thousands of dollars a day as it will help you to identify which offers attracts more visitors than others.


The autoresponder is the tool that will allow you to send automatic emails to the people who sign up to your email list through your landing page or squeeze page.

Now that you know briefly what you will need, let’s go little depth on how these tools interconnect and how successfully use them to create a profitable affiliate marketing business.


The type of product that you decide to promote can have a direct impact on the amount of money that you make. With affiliate marketing, you must understand that some products are in more demand than others.

Physical products

Physical products are sometimes better than digital ones, these are the ones which you can touch and feel and you can sell as many as you feel.

Giant retailers Amazon, Flipkart, eBay, etc all have affiliate programs that give everyone the opportunity to sign up and help them generate sales in exchange of commissions.

Digital Products

Digital products are those such as EBooks, audiobooks, online courses, or virtual services. Promoting digital products can be a bit easier than physical products because most of them are offered online through instant downloads and commission can be also higher.

How to promote Digital Products

In order to promote Digital products, you will have to join an affiliate network. An affiliate network is the third party company that hosts multiple digital products for affiliates to promote.

Some of the popular affiliate networks are;

  • Clickbank
  • JvZoo
  • Peerly
  • Maxbounty
  • Rakuten

The joining process is similar in all the networks. You have to sign up to the networks providing the required details. You can log in to the network and find the particular vendor whose product you would like to sell.

Remember you will need a website to sign up with these networks. Let’s see the tools required to promote digital products.

Website or Landing page

Today, not having a website is just an excuse. You can create a website in just an hour. Platforms like WordPress have made it extremely easy for anyone to create beautiful looking websites within minutes.

A website plays an important role in affiliate marketing, more so when you incorporate in into your marketing strategy. Having your own website builds trust with your customers.

A website can be used in a few different ways, but this will ultimately depend on the strategy that you set up. Here are the different types.

A blog

This is a website that contains useful information about a specific niche. I only recommend for those who are willing to spend time or money on producing quality content. But this can be a great way to earn good money in the long run.

The reason why this model is no longer appealing to people because, in order to make it work, you will require to create a large and engaging quality content that is specifically geared towards a certain demographic.

Once you create a content, you then need to invest time or money in order to rank your posts in the first page of the search engine.

In other words, you need to do Search Engine Optimization, which can be another beast of its own.

Having a website and ranking in the top searches of Search Engine can be a very good asset for your business for many years.

Landing or Squeeze Page

This is the most efficient and most marketers use to promote their affiliate products. A landing page can be created as an informative article, or as a way to collect visitor’s information such as their email address.

It is just like a one-page website.

You can easily create beautiful landing pages with software like instapage, leadpages, clickfunnels, etc.

Landing pages will also enable you to install tracking pixels. These pixels can be very useful in order to retarget the visitors that didn’t purchase or opted into your offer for a fraction of the price.

In my opinion, collecting emails should be a MUST for any affiliate marketer. There’s no doubt that you can send traffic directly to the product page. But you’ll lose a lot of your potential customer with thousands of dollars in the future.   

If you’re not collecting emails from your customer, you’re not creating a real business. Many people avoid creating email list as it takes a lot of time to create a potential email list.

Once you’ll understand the importance of email list, I promise you’ll be glad of yourself. Once you grow your email list, you’ll no longer have to depend on paid traffic to reach to your potential customers.

Advertising Networks

There are many different paid advertising platforms that you can utilize, with different payment models. Some would charge you per click they refer to your website, while others will rather pay based on impression on your ads.

There are also certain types of advertising programs that charge on other types of criteria. If you utilize someone else’s mailing list, for example, you might pay them based on how many people they send an email to.

Facebook Ads

I want you to start with Facebook ads if you are a beginner because this platform has signed a lot of attention in recent years and have provided thousands of online marketers the ability to quickly draw more visitors to their website and other online properties without having to spend in a fortune.

Facebook ads are one of the most affordable quality traffic solutions that you will find at the moment.

It is very easy to get started with Facebook ads, but you do need to spend some time setting up the right ad in order to ensure your campaign is successful.

Your first ad may not give you the results you expected. You have to experiment a little until you find out one perfect ad that will give you the maximum level of benefits and impressive results.

Facebook ads offer different types of campaigns that you can utilize. You can choose to use Facebook ads to drive traffic directly to your website or squeeze page, to promote posts you have published on your facebook pages.

Every campaign has some pros and cons. You have to consider all factors before deciding on the type of campaign you want to run.

You can set a very low budget as small as $5 a day, making this an ideal platform if you have a small budget.

Facebook ads also have many targeting options that can help you target the people that will be most likely to be interested in the products or services that you are going to promote them.

You can target ads based on their geographic locations, their interests, what pages they like on Facebook, and more. This accurate targeting can give you much better and faster results.

One main thing, you can promote your content on Instagram also through the Facebook ad platform.

Just like facebook, you can run ads on Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest. They all offer targeting options that help you ensure your ads are in front of right people.

Google Adwords

I think you all have heard of Google Adwords. For many years, it has been seen as the standard of Internet advertising.

Since Google is the most popular Search Engine, advertising directly to the most used search engine helps your website gets noticed to the right people.

Google Adwords is the most effective platform for promoting your content, landing pages and other forms of content in front of a huge audience.  

Google Adwords is much more expensive than Facebook ads, but it has a significant number of benefits to offer you and your affiliate marketing business.

Solo Ads

A solo ad is a shootout that you can buy form someone who owns a large email list within your niche. The way that solo ads work is by purchasing click packages to your landing pages.

For example, if you promote a health-related product, you can pay someone who has already grown an email list in that niche to send an X number of clicks to your offer for an X amount of money.

Solo ads can be a very effective way to grow your list in a specific niche or even make some affiliate sales right away.

Another plus of solo ads is that you can ask the sellers for help in order to tweak your landing page in order to receive the best conversions.

The methods outlined above are just a few of the thousands of ways that you can get traffic online, but that should be all you need.

Now, I want you to realize that each of these traffic sources might require a slightly different marketing strategy depending on the type of offers that you promote.

Click Tracker

A good click tracker helps you to collect data in order to scale your campaigns quicker. It enables you to keep count of exactly how many people are clicking on your ads and how they perform in the market.

Click Trackers are a great way to find out which ad or landing page performs the best, in order to cut what doesn’t work and focus on what does.

Some of the most well-known click trackers are:

  • Clickmagick
  • Voluum
  • Clickmeter
  • Cpvlab

A link tracker is a great tool to add to your arsenal. It can help you achieve your financial goals a lot faster.


An autoresponder is a program that allows you to set up a message that goes out automatically to people who have subscribed to your email list.

These messages are sent depending on the order that the person signed up, but you are also given control to determine the frequency that these messages go out to your list.


Autoresponders are must if you want to automate your communication with your list and make money while you sleep.

Just like other tools, there are thousands of autoresponder tools in the market. But, unfortunately, most of them are not that reliable.

Choosing that right autoresponder is extremely important, it will give you a peace of mind that your emails are sending on time and the assurance that your subscribers are actually receiving them.

The actual overview of a campaign

sequence Affiliate Marketing


If you have made it this far, you now know enough to start your very own affiliate marketing business.

After reading all the articles on affiliate marketing, you no longer should have an excuse as to why you can never make money online.

You will be successful only when you take action. Don’t waste your knowledge that you gained by reading these articles. Action has all the power.

Don’t be afraid to lose money. Think of this as an investment. Without investment, you will not earn anything. So, be brave and Start Now.!!!

Hope you liked it. If you have any question, please ask in the comments below.

Thank You.

Affiliate Marketing using FREE methods.


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