Apple becomes $1 trillion company as market cap. But it is not the first company to reach trillion dollars. Which is the first company? Why no one knows about that company?

Apple is not the first company to reach a trillion. The first company was China’s PetroChina, who reached $1 trillion as market value in 2007. This was considered unreliable because only 2% of the company was available in public trading.

Apple becomes the second company in the history to reach a market cap of $1 trillion and counting. 

Apple has always been a rollercoaster of a ride. It had reached a milestone of $1 trillion just after 42 years the company started. From 1997 the company had just seen nothing other than success. And now becoming the second company in the history to reach a market cap of a trillion.

Little History of Apple  

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Apple was started in 1976  by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne in their garage in California. They started with no prior knowledge of business at that time. The company aimed to sell personal computers which were handmade by Steve Wozniak.

Later in 1985, Jobs was out of the company. He then founded another company NEXT and acquired a company PIXAR.

In 1996, Apple bought NEXT and Jobs was back at the company. Jobs then introduced the first iPod in 2000. Later, Apple moved its focus to mobile devices i.e the iPhone and iPad. These devices quickly became vogue and their mainstream.

From then until now, Apple playing a vital role in the consumer electronics market, being the most valuable brand in the world. Currently, Apple worths $1 trillion.

Value of Apple

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When Apple launched their IPO for the first time on December 20, 1980, there share price was just $22. In 1985, when Jobs left the company, the value sank a little bit. Later in 2001, when Jobs returned back to the company and introduced the iPod, its value rose again. After that, it continued to rise.

Today, the price hits $207 a share(may change when you read this), making Apple the next trillion dollar company. This year Apple sales increased by 1% while the value of a share increased to about 20%. Normally large-cap companies are not seen in such huge increments.

Apple now performing better than before with their solid sales of the iPhone 8 and 10. Despite one trillion valuations, Wall Street believes that it could go even higher.

In 1997, Apple worth less than 2 billion dollars. Back then, if you would tell someone that Apple would one day worth a trillion dollar. I bet nobody would believe you. But if you would invest in Apple back then, you would have received pretty good results by now.

Other companies expected to reach this milestone

Apple as a whole just feels a very good story. The story of Apple is just a classic entrepreneurial dream. Apple was started by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak in their garage, basically knowing nothing about business at that time. Yet that company now worth a trillion dollars.

Soon few more silicon valley companies are expected to hit this milestone. It includes Apple’s biggest rivals Amazon who currently worths around 900 billion dollars, Google and Microsoft, both worths 800 billion dollars.

The values of these companies are increasing and maybe in next 3 years, these companies too will shake hands with apple for being part of a trillion dollar club.

It will be very much interesting to see where things go from here. Obviously, Apple will continue to grow without another big product. Let’s see now how Apple behaves and what the next big thing Apple comes with.

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