There are so many good business ideas out there, but the problem is, a lot of them requires you to be an expert on some field.

Believe it or not, in order to run a proper business you should have just business skills. Even if you are not good at anything, fine. Nowadays, You can outsource everything.

How about those who don’t have any skill also have no money to outsource it. And, they want to earn some money online.

Well, this article is for them who wants to earn money online without having any skill.

I will share some tips to earn online from (a freelancing site). It’s a 100% legal site and you will earn by doing some real works.

The steps are very simple:

  • You will find a service that you can resell on Fiverr. It’s just like outsourcing.
  • Confirm it whether there is any market scope of that service or not.
  • You will then create a product listing so your product will automatically sell itself.
  • You will learn to follow-up and upsell customers for additional services. This is where the real money is.

Outsource the service

Outsourcing makes works very simple. If people around you can do all the work, you shouldn’t learn to do those things. You can simply outsource to them.

Every multinational company outsources its products. Apple outsources all its work. It just makes the design, rest all are outsourced.

The displays are made by LG, Processor and Batteries are made by Samsung, DRAM and flash memory are made by TSMC while all are assembled in China.

Just like that you too can outsource your work to one who is smarter than you.

I recommend you to use SEOCLERK.COM. Almost all types of services from Fiverr can be found in

Seoclerk is very much cheaper than Fiverr. The minimum amount for any service in Fiverr is $5, while you can find services even at $1 in seoclerk.

You can buy services at $1-$10 range and then sell for $5-$50 in Fiverr.

You have to find out the right product that will work. All products may not work. It’s just like trial and error.

I will share my 5 best services that you too can sell on Fiverr via Seocleck.

I cannot guarantee that all of them will be profitable, so you still have to do some research on your own.

#1 Book Covers

book cover awefirst

For Book covers, you can either generalize or specialize. It’s up to you.

For the specializers, I recommend that you create a listing for every type of Book covers you create.

You can have listings for:

  • Non-Fictional Business Book Covers
  • Non-Fiction Weight loss Book Covers
  • Romance Book Covers
  • Fantasy Book Covers

This is a very good strategy as you’re targeting a more specific niche.

By doing this, you can write a sales listing that is directed towards your target market.

#2 WordPress

wordpress awefirst

There is a lot of potential in this service. Literally, there are hundreds of sub-services under WordPress.

You can create a Wordpress site, fix a bug, Customize Theme, configure or install something, etc.

Every business wants to go online in order to increase their customer database. For going online, they need a website. You can have a great opportunity as many businesses and individuals today keep an online presence of their work.  

There’s a ton of services that you can include under this service. There’s a lot of “tech stuff” that people need to improve or change.

This is a great opportunity for freelancers.

#3 Podcast

podcast awefirst

Do you know the future will be everything over voice and audio? As GaryVee said, “Alexa is going to be the next search engine”.   

This can be the most profitable niche for now and future. Anything related to the podcast is awesome.

The best ones are Podcast Artwork, Transcription, and Podcast Introduction.

The interesting thing about podcast services is you can sell them at any prices. They are sold at higher rates in Fiverr.

You will get podcast services at $5 in seoclerk and sell them at minimum an of $20 at Fiverr.

#4 SEO Backlinks – PBN Links & YouTube Embeds.

seo awefirst

Any good SEO backlinks will sell these days. Seoclerk is specialized in this service. You will find plenty of SEO services in seoclerk at cheap rates.

My personal favorite preferences are services related to PBN links.

PBN links are the most powerful backlinks these days.  

You don’t have to worry about customers in this service. You will definitely have plenty of customers in this field.

#5 Proofreading, book editing

proofreading awefirst

This is an awesome service to sell. For ones who don’t know what is proofread, let me tell you

It’s just reading a book or article and editing if there are any errors.

It’s very easy to do, but it can take some time. You can even work with other freelancers who sell book covers and eBook writing services.

Make them refer you to their customers and then you can give them a commission on the projects they referred.

These were the top 5 services that I recommend, but there is various other niches you can enter like designing, data-entry services, etc.

How to choose an outsourcer

When it comes to choosing an outsourcer, the proven ones are mostly the ones who have:

At least 10-20 positive ratings

likes awefirst

And has a user level of 3

level awefirst

The number of bookmarks is a bonus.

The more, the better.

Alright, ones you choose a service, confirm if there’s a market for it or not.

Confirm Market size

This shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes to check.

It literally means that you are going to Fiverr and making sure that other people are selling that type of service.

Let’s say you choose Proofreading & editing as your service.

Now, just go and search for it in Fiverr and then look at the competition.

If there are more than 5 pages results available on that niche, then it will be better for you to select another niche. Else that niche can be profitable to you.

For the new sellers, it is a bit difficult to rank in the top posts. So you should find the least competitive service.

gigs awefirst

There aren’t too many people selling Weight loss Book covers. you can try this out.

You should try to find out something that is hot at the moment, say for example “Game of Thrones” and then related it to your services.

How to list on

To create a listing on Fiverr, you must obviously have an account.

So, go to and sign up for a free account. There no charge for creating an account in Fiverr.

To create a listing, just go to the Dashboard>Selling>Gigs>Create a Gig.

gigs_mak awefirst

Remember that reviews are very much important in Fiverr. You should try not to get any negative reviews from your customer. After receiving a few positive reviews, no one can stop you in Fiverr.


I hope I was able to able to explain the trick to start your journey online as a freelancer without any skill. As you can see, the process isn’t that complicated.

You can definitely save some time by paying for SEO services or by buying your own domain and hosting.

But this is the free way to do it.

But, remember one thing you’ll only get success if you take action fast. Action has all the power.

All I hope is that you take action fast and finally start making your few thousands of dollars online from in just a few months from now.

Have a good luck!!!

Thank You.  


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