If you are new to blogging, you shouldn’t directly go with the paid services. First, try to work with the free blogging sites. Later you can set up your own domain and hosting.

Blogging has become so easy nowadays. Without any prior skill, you can start your blog anytime and anywhere.

There are loads of free blogging platforms where you can get started right now. It won’t cost you a single dime.

Here is the list of some free blogging sites.


This is the most popular free blogging platform owned by Google. Even I started with blogger.com in my initial days of blogging. It is a wonderful platform for all beginners.

The best part of blogger.com is that you can earn money from this platform by placing ads and affiliate links.

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It is another popular platform for bloggers from WordPress. Most people get confused between wordpress.com and wordpress.org.

WordPress.com is the free platform where you don’t need to buy any domain name and hosting. While wordpress.org you must have your own domain and hosting.

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If you start with wordpress.com, it won’t be much trouble to migrate your blog to your own hosting in future.

WordPress.com (free version) prohibits its users to monetize the blog. That means you won’t be able to place any ads and sell affiliate products. This is not the case with wordpress.org. 


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Tumblr is another platform which provides free services for bloggers. It is not a perfect blogging platform but it’s perfect for sharing images or pictures.

Tumblr lets users post content or multimedia in a short form just like Twitter, where the content size is limited. It’s simple to customize and design.


Weebly is another free platform which not only lets users to blog but also allows users to sell products and showcase portfolios. It features drag-and-drop components which makes it easy to design and customize. It also provides spaces for adds, forms, media, etc.

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Weebly has a feature to add a customized domain while the free plan consists of five custom pages, Weebly subdomain, ad spaces and 500MB of storage space.


Wix is another free platform which lets you create beautiful web pages. It’s very easy to create web pages with Wix. Just like Weebly, Wix also comes with drag-and-drop features.

It is basically a builder which can be easily managed from the front-end. You don’t have to do anything at the back-end. It does automatically.

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You can create a beautiful Wix page in not more than 5 minutes. You just need to sign up with Wix, arrange the layouts, pick a template and  BOOM!!! you’re all set. It’s that simple.


Medium is an example of Social Journalism, is another free platform which allows blogging. This platform has a huge collection of publications of professional people.

This is the reason articles that are written are easily exposed to a wide range of audience. More than 60 million readers visit medium per month. This is an amazing platform for writers.

medium awefirst

Unlike Wix and Weebly, there’s nothing to customize in Medium, which makes it super simple to use. Just sign up and start writing.


Yola is a web-hosting and website builder company which provides free service to set up a website. People without any prior knowledge of coding can also build their websites in Yola.

yola awefirst

Yola too provides drag-and-drop features for customization. With the free plan, you can have two sites and create three web pages, which is enough for starters. The best part of yola is that it provides 1GB of storage space and bandwidth.

If you have basic HTML, CSS knowledge,  you can easily customize more and make it look much fancier you want.


LiveJournal is a platform for writers where users can keep a blog, journal or a dairy. It provides both free and paid services.

LiveJournal is one of the most popular platforms among bloggers. It provides a space to engage with any community you like and have a good discussion related to your field. 


The cool part of LiveJournal is, it hides your identity. This can be a good platform for maintaining a daily journal.


From its name itself, you can imagine it is an education-related blog platform. Edublog is an amazing platform for online classes. Whether you’re a professor or a student, you can very easily log in to this site and take classes.


Edublog is mostly targeted in colleges, schools, and universities. It is powered by WordPress, which provides added benefits with different plugins.

The coolest part with the free version is that you get access to 250+ premium themes and 1GB of storage space. It also provides 24/7 customer support.


Hubpages is another popular tool, which is basically an open community for writers, learners, and explorers. You can have a good experience with its unique set of tools and resources.


It can be one of the best platforms for creative bloggers. It lets you connect with a wide range of people belonging to your field. They have over 43 million monthly visitors to their site.


Squarespace is free platforms which allow creating web pages with its pre-designed templates. It has drag-and-drop elements which makes it much easier to customize the site.


Squarespace offers powerful tools for advanced users and businesses to create beautiful static websites. All the templates are user-friendly and are professionally designed.



Contentful is a cloud-based platform which provides a unique way to separate your content from the design. It calls the technology as ‘API-first’ which powers your site and apps. This gives you a first-class user experience.


Ghost is an open-source publishing free-platform. Its interior designs are amazing and is easy to use. It is one of the best open-source tools for writers and journalist across the world.


You can get tons of traffic on your site, depending on the amount you pay to a ghost. It provides 14 days free-trial with rich features including attractive templates WordPress.

The owners of Ghost believes in transparency and shares all company metrics with the public.


Svbtle is a reading and writing network where you can write to share your ideas. It is an amazing platform which lets you think of different ideas.



There is plenty of resources available in Subtle which you can refer. It gives an amazing reading experience. You can see the dashboard above how it looks, the uncompleted tasks are on the left and on the right are the published articles.  


Postach is a simple blogging platform which turns your Evernote notebook into a blog site. It is very easy to start, you can start simply with your mobile.


Postach offers both free and paid version plans. You can set up your new blog website without paying a single penny. No doubt the free version has some limitations.

Postach gives access to free themes which will website look beautiful.

This software was developed by Input Logic (a Canadian software company) and it is integrated with Evernote. This makes it unique from other platforms.  


Pen.io is another quickest way where you can publish your blogs online. It is so quick and easy that you can post your articles without even creating an account or go through any signup process.

Pen.io was founded in 2011 as a simple way to publish content online.


You can create a webpage by filling in just two fields – page name and password. You don’t have to register any domain name or go through any signup process.


It is a static site generator hosted on Github pages. Jekyll is a blog-aware which means you can write your content in markdown. So for bloggers and markdown enthusiasts, this is an awesome platform.  


Make a template, then create your content and then run Jekyll. You will get a whole side of individual static HTML pages.  After you get the static pages, you can upload it to any basic server.

Websites created using Jekyll are a lot faster and secured since the server doesn’t need to talk to any database.   

Jekyll websites are hosted for free on very-fast and very-reliable Github servers as Github pages.


Jimdo is another easy website builder on the web. Anyone can create and edit their own website without any knowledge of programming.

Jimdo’s goal is to enable beginners to create a fully working internet presence within a very short period of time. So far, more than 10 million websites have been created using Jimdo.


You can choose your own domain name, but the free version will have a subdomain as name.jimdo.com. You can later upgrade your plan where you can add your custom domain.


Penzu is an online journaling application that was built specifically for writing down your thoughts. Keeping a journal or diary has never been easier.


Penzu is private by default, automatically backed up, most of all secured and you can write from any computer anywhere on the planet. No need to sync or manage files. You can get access to your mobile devices too


I hope this article was able to provide with all the websites where you can start blogging for free. A blog is simply a journal; most people use them to record notes about their everyday life with particular relevance to some project they are attempting to achieve.

A blog could even be created about your journey to create a passive income! You would simply record what attempts you have made on a daily or bi-weekly basis and post these findings onto your blog page.

Ideally, the blog should have a fun twist as this keeps people interested, although the ups and downs of any social project are always guaranteed to obtain interest from others.

If you are not a regular writer, you might face problem to start. So, I advise you to start with the free platforms. Once you improve your skill, you can anytime start as pro.

Let’s recap the website that discussed above:

  • Blog.com
  • WordPress.com
  • Tumblr
  • Wix
  • Medium
  • Yola
  • LiveJournal
  • Edublog
  • Hubpages
  • Squarespace
  • Contentful
  • Ghost
  • Subtle
  • Postach
  • Pen.io
  • Jekyll
  • Jimdo
  • Penzo



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