Why Google plus is shutting down?

Google is going to shut down the consumer version of Google plus over next 1year, company mentioned in one of its blog post.

Google admitted in its statement that user engagement was very low. Consumer version has very low engagement and usage. The fault started in 2015, but Google decided to hide it from the public.

Google discovered a skeleton in its own closet. An API(Application Program Interface) for Google plus which affected close to 500,000 users. For this reason, it is shutting down the consumer version of Google+.

According to GDPR, Google will likely be spared 2 percent of their global annual revenue.

The profiles of hundreds of thousands of people are sold on Google plus. This specific API allowed the developer to request a view of certain pieces of user information name, email.

There weren’t any private messages that were sent between users that not exposed according to Google. Just some sort of basic information was out there.

We all know that there’s been a firestorm on interest on privacy, data security at the big tech companies from past two years especially when it comes to Facebook.

On Jan 2018, Google internally decided to do a major security and data privacy review of all its products. They want to make sure that the exact kind of thing wasn’t out there unknown to them.

In Mar 2018, when Facebook was baring the brunt of the Cambridge Analytica scandal right around the time Mark Zuckerberg was held in front of the Congress to explain his company’s action and internally Google decided not to put the news out there.

Google felt that it wasn’t necessary to tell the public. The wall street journal reporting, citing their sources that Google made this decision by looking at the political pressure they saw.

Lawmakers will jump into this issue as they take on other tech companies. Google has been getting a lot of attention from a couple of months. Earlier they had a lot of criticism, but they skate through it. But now they did a great mistake by deciding to hide from the public.

Understand in just five points

  • Google didn’t tell its users about the data leak when it was first discovered in March 2018
  • Google was worried that making the data breach public would lead to comparisons with Facebook which faced backlash for a similar incident involving data firm Cambridge Analytica
  • They insisted that there was no evidence that any profile data was misused
  • Low usage is also one of the major reasons for the shutdown.
  • The consumer version will end by 2019. But the Google Plus enterprise version will still stay


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