Do you really know what is CPA Marketing? If you don’t know don’t worry. All your doubts will be cleared in this article.

First of all, CPA stands for Cost Per Action or Cost Per Acquisition. It is also called as CPL which stands for Cost Per Lead.

It is basically an Online advertising payment model that allows advertisers to pay for qualifying actions such as sales or registrations from a perspective customer.

CPA marketing consists of high quality paid advertising which will help you  to promote your own business and will get charged only when required action will be done by the customer according to your bidding spend.

As a CPA publisher or affiliate, it will consists of CPA offers to promote which is posted by the CPA advertisers and making a commission of it. You will also be rewarded for inviting someone to perform a specific action at the CPA offers website.

Difference between CPA and Affiliate Marketing

cpa vs affiliate

CPA marketing is an affiliate marketing but it is a lot different than the traditional marketing. In CPA marketing you will be able to generate income without selling any product.

Wheareas, in traditional affiliate marketing you will need for a product to be sold in order to earn a commission.

There is not much different in CPA and affiliate marketing. Both has its own pros and cons. The best part of CPA is that you neither have to own a product nor have to sell it.

Types of CPA offers

There are almost all types of offers in the CPA industry. Some of them are easy to get done by potential customers. But either way it is a lot easier than making a sale. I will discuss the most popular ones.

Email Submit

This is a type of CPA Digital marketing offer which consists of someone submitting their email-address in order to get something that is 100% free.

You will be paid if you are promoting a particular CPA offer of this kind once someone submits their email address.

Payout for this type of tasks can go upto $4 depending on the niche of the offer.

Zip Submit

This type of offer consists of someone submitting their zip code in order to get access to something. You will be paid if you’re promoting a particular CPA offer of this kind once someone submits their zip code.

Payouts for this type of offers may go up $5 per zip code depending on the niche of the offer.

Free trial offers

These type of offers are great for niches such as dog training, weight loss, health, etc. You will be paid for promoting a CPA offer of this kind once someone decides to take the trial offer.

Some are free while some are paid also some may require you to pay the shipping charge. Payouts of this type of offers go upto $50 per trial offer requested depending on the niche of the offer.


These type of offers requires an installation of a software, plugins, any mobile app, browser and its components, etc. You will be paid if you’re promoting a particular CPA offer of this kind ones someone downloads and installs that particular offer you are promoting.

Payouts of this type of CPA offer can go upto $10 per download and installation depending on the niche of the offer.

Game Playing

This type of offers consists of someone just playing a game. This might be used for testing purposes or with a hope to get an purchase from you in the future.

Downloading and installations may be required. Sometimes you may also need to make some deposits in order to get free credits You’ll be paid if you are promoting a particular CPA offer of this kind ones someone gets the play into the game as the offer demands .

Payouts of this type can go upto $50 per game played depending on the niche you offer.

Form Submit

There are also some CPA offers which require someone to fill a form consisting with several labels. These are less converting offers but they are high paying.

This type of offer consists of someone submitting a form with personal details in order to get qualified for something. You will get paid for promoting a particular CPA offer of this kind ones someone submits this form.

Payouts of this type of CPA offers can go upto $20 per form submitted depending on the niche of the offer.

CPA marketing niches

The best part of CPA marketing is that you can find almost anything to promote. You’ll be able to promote offers like

  • As seen on TV
  • Beauty Products
  • Bid Auction Offers
  • Work at Home/Biz Opps
  • Children and Family
  • Coupons and Daily Deal
  • Education/Careers
  • Entertainment
  • Financial and Credit
  • Games
  • Health and Fitness & Weight loss
  • Home Improvement
  • Insurance
  • Legal/Lawsuit
  • Medical
  • Miscellaneous
  • Mobile offers
  • Real Estate
  • Religious
  • Retail/Shopping
  • Seasonal
  • Technology
  • Travel

Why should you use CPA Digital Marketing?

Let’s see at the benefits of CPA marketing first. I will mention the benefits for the advertisers and for the publishers/affiliates at the same time.

Some of the amazing benefits:

Effective targeting of the niche markets:

One of the best way CPA marketing benefits an advertiser is that it enables him to target his niche market in a streamlined manner.

Affiliates position the ads strategically on landing pages and use processes like paid traffics to increase traffic to the site.

With this, people and customers are easily directed towards the right product or service and they don’t have to incur the pains of searching through countless pages on the web.

It also enables the merchant to develop a customer base sound and use it effectively and efficiently for his marketing efforts, paying only for a specific action.

Something I like about CPA marketing that you’re required to pay only when the affiliate successfully makes people complete the task. You will be shelling out only when you’ll receive benefits yu had anticipated from your customer.

Increase in Quality Leads:

In case of CPA marketing affiliates get paid only when a visitor takes a desired action on the merchant site. They will be motivated to target their best efforts towards promoting a special offer.

It is a win-win situation in both sides. It has a very less possibility of getting into fraudulent act. In today’s tech  savvy world, frauds are unavoidable in every nook and corner.

However in case of CPA, the chances of getting involved in a malpractice are substantially reduced because the user has to fill out certain information without which he’ll not be able to accessed to the product or service.

Convenient for designing a Budget plan:

The best advantage that CPA yields that it enables you to design your budget as per your planned estimates. You’ll have the ability to a lot the amount you want to pay for an email subscription, zip code entered, installation, etc.

The amount you designated to a certain action may be based on how high your your chances of getting revenues.

Facilitates Immediate payout:

CPA Marketing always give you the results that you wanted in a very short span of time. Unlike many other affiliate programs that require you to pass a certain time span before they deposit money into your account.

CPA Networks work with you and you get the money you earned as an affiliate immediately. These networks also offer many popular ways of getting paid including a direct deposit option, PayPal and even check.

If you choose the right CPA offer and you’re good at generating traffic, then you could be making up a lot of money which will be deposited to your account every week or month.

No website requirement:

To avail yourself to the benefits to the CPA marketing you’re not required to have any website. You can advertise CPA offers by using email marketing or even display banner ads on relevant website.

Many people appreciate this marketing model because they’re excellent at marketing but they have very little skill in creating website.

Facilitates Negotiation:

CPA is a type of agreement between an advertiser and publisher in which the advertiser pays only when he benefits from the advertisement.

You(affiliates) can ask the advertiser to increase the amount of money you receive per action taken by the customer with your advertising.

High conversion Ratio:

The most convenient feature of CPA marketing is that it ensures a high conversion rates for the advertiser.

In simple words, the risk for the advertiser is reduced to a great extent because he’ll be paying only when the user completes a  predefined action.

It’s much easier to get someone to give your email addresses that to get someone to give their credit card number  There is less apprehension in this type of transaction.

Some eye-opening facts about CPA marketing

  • The first fact is that in order to earn from CPA marketing you don’t have to sell anything.
  • CPA commissions can go to upto $150 per action made.
  • Most CPA Networks use aggressive affiliate review processes and advanced fraud controls to protect the integrety and intellectual property of advertisers.
  • The B2C(Business to Consumer) space is leading on CPA Marketing.
  • CPA Networks can grow your business by sourcing new quality customers through more online channels than you can reach at  your own.
  • More than $20 billion sales have been generated through Affiliate Marketing.
  • 91% of customer relationship is maintained via email.

Datas like this makes it much more clear that there’s a lot of money to be made with CPA. While lot’s of people might be talking about it, very few can really teach you how to productively use  CPA on behalf of your business.

Basic overview of how CPA marketing works

How cpa marketing works


As we can see CPA Digital marketing can be the best way for any online business both for the Advertisers and Publishers.

CPA marketing is a very big market and you can earn thousands of dollars monthly simply by promoting CPA offers. On today’s date you can find almost all products for CPA promoting.

The coolest part about CPA marketing is that you neither have to own any product nor sell anything.

You’ll get paid for doing some simple actions. The tasks can be anything from below

  • Email Submitting
  • Zip Code Submitting
  • Free trial installation
  • Game Playing
  • Form Submit

Hope you got to know something about CPA Digital Marketing form this article. If you have any further questions, ask me in the comment below.

Thank You.

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