Every social media marketer knows the value of promoting business on Instagram. It has over 800 million active monthly users.

Instagram marketing is very much profitable. I will share how to do marketing on Instagram by taking an example of selling t-shirts.

Selling T-shirts has been a hot business from quite a few years. A lot of people are jumping the bandwagon and also some are leaving.

Let’s focus first to the ones who are leaving. This is extremely good for us. It means that the non-serious players are getting flushed out.

In order to do any business, firstly you must be damn serious with it. If you’re serious and committed, no one can stop you. The sky is the limit.

Never search for any get rich quick schemes. They don’t exist. You have to work hard.

In this article, I will share with you how you can easily sell anything on Instagram.

One thing you must remember, you are paid by the amount of value you put on other people’s life.

You cannot expect a good result by being mediocre. It doesn’t work that way. For awesome results, you must provide awesome values to people.

When it comes to selling T-shirts on Instagram, you must follow 5 simple steps.

  • Find a market.
  • Hire a designer
  • Create a listing
  • Create Instagram content
  • Sell through promotions.

Let’s discuss each point in a straight forward manner. Don’t worry there won’t be any anecdotes in this article. Let’s get going.

Famous Market

So, what do I mean by the famous market?

Answer me one thing.

Do you want to target a billion-dollar industry and become an Instagram Influencer to sell your products?

NO, Right? Of course, you can’t compete with the giant industry.

What I mean by the famous market are the pop culture references that are still famous today.

You can target pop culture reference on today’s landscape. You can create an Instagram page on a famous athlete or movie star and can sell products to your followers.

In order to find your famous market, you just have to do a little research. Use the Top 10 method as shown below.

top athletes

Once you find a topic that you want to target, the next step is to go to Instagram and search for any hashtags related to that market.

Make sure that all the hashtags related to that topic will have to combine hashtags of a minimum of 500k. This is because you want your market to be active.

If the latest post for a 100,000 mentioned hashtag was from 2 years ago, then you don’t have an active market.

Try to grab as many related hashtags as you can, since you will use them later anyway.

shot instagram

Do the research now so that you don’t have to regret later.

Now, It’s time to find a design and hire a designer.

Hiring a Designer

You may be excited to launch your first t-shirt. But before you go hire a designer, I recommend that you search first for other people’s design and find inspiration for your first project.

Sounds pretty simple!

Just go to Google images and save photos of designs that you like.

tshirt designs

TIP: When you hire a designer, it’s always a good practice to show these sample designs to your freelancer so they’ll have a better understanding of what you want.

You can hire a freelancer on fiverr.com or any other freelancing sites like upwork, seoclerk, freelancer, etc. You will get a design at $5 on Fiverr.

If you decided to use Fiverr, I highly suggest that you hire at least 3 different freelancers so you will have a lot of choices.

It’s gonna be $15 and you’ll know exactly who to hire the next time you have a project.

Don’t try to make hiring complicated.

Your job is to communicate a design sample and their job to execute on the mission – which is to come up with a great design for your t-shirt.

You shouldn’t be involved in every detail of the process. Don’t do all the thing by yourself.

They are the designer. You are the marketer. Stay in your lane and everything will be fine.

Creating Instagram Content

This is the most crucial part of your success.

If you want to build an Instagram based t-shirt business or any other business, then you gotta have awesome content. Content is the king in any online business.

There’s no shortcut or hacks that will magically make them buy your t-shirts.

The real secret is in providing so much awesome content that you won’t need to hard-sell them on your t-shirts for sale.

You have to spend most of your time and efforts in creating contents. This is the golden key to your business success.

Types of content

There are different types of content that you can create, I recommend that you do all of them if they are applicable to your market.

#1 Instagram Image

These are straight up Image posts. These images should pass as Instagrammable. It means they are great pictures that people would instantly like the first time they see it.

tshirt design


Another one are quotes. It could be from a successful person, or from a movie.

You can overlay images with the text or you can do straight up text posts.


quote awefirst

#3 Scenes

This works well for topics about TV shows and movies.

In fact, if you are running this kind of pages, then you’ll be dumb not to use scenes posts as part of your content strategy.

Basically, you’ll just find one scene and then put the sub-titles below.


#4 Videos

This one is a little bit tricky especially if you target TV shows, movies or any other topic that may have infringements of rights.

But if you have an original video that you can share, then do it.

What I recommend is you create a completely different account for videos posts only. So you can grab videos about your topic and share them on Instagram.

#5 Re-Posts

You can also re-posts other people’s photo! Just make sure that you always give the original source a mention.

#6 Facts(Did you know?)

Facts are just, well, facts.


Find some facts about your topic on the internet and then create an image/text posts about it. This type also works a lot on Instagram…

Tools to use

Tools make life a lot easier. Right?

There are thousands of tools and apps you can use for your content creation.

#TIP: You don’t have to pay hundreds of dollars for editing tools unless you already got sales.

You can edit with your smartphone itself, it’s very simple. Just search for free apps on play store or app store.

Posting content

There are 3 important things to remember when you’re posting a content on Instagram.

#1 Great Photo

This is obviously the most important aspect of your post. Instagram is known for photo sharing only. Your photo should be interesting and catchy.

#2 The description

For the description of the posts, I always try to make them interact with me. I want to build a relationship so that by the time I ask for buy, they will think me as someone who cares about them and someone they can trust.

#3 Hashtags

For the hashtags, don’t put them on your posts itself.

Just put them on the comment section. I recommend at least 20 related hashtags per posts.

This is how people will discover you. Use as many hashtags as you can! Seriously, just put anything related to your posts.


Okay, it’s almost ending now.

The work is finished, now it’s time to sell.

If your Instagram account is new, you have to run ads for faster results. Otherwise, it will take a lot of time to gain followers.

Run ads not more than $5-$10. You will get enough traffic at $5.

Once you have followers, you don’t have to spend any money on your ads.

Again, if your content is good, you won’t have any hard time in trying to sell anything.

At initial stages, you may find it little difficult to find followers, once you gain followers then no one can stop you in Instagram marketing.


That’s all you need to start marketing on Instagram. Above, I gave an example of selling t-shirts. You can replace that with any product you like.

Don’t make it too complicated. Keep it simple and easy.

Remember, in order to be successful online, you have to do multiple tests. So, even if you don’t get any sales, don’t lose hope. Keep on going. Keep HUSTLING!!!

All business takes a little time to understand and grow.

Lastly, I want to tell that focus on making your followers happy and they will reward you back with tons of sales.

Good Luck!

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