Should Network Marketing be Online?

The online world is where a large number of people congregate. Do you realize that you can connect with a specific group of people looking to improve their skin, lose weight, make money, save money, and get anything that you might offer?

People are looking on Facebook, Google, Pinterest, YouTube, LinkedIn, etc…How would it feel to reach and serve those who want you to reach and serve them?

A quick disclaimer I don’t mean anything like that ‘Online is better than Offline‘. Both are just different. In fact, for most of all offline will be much better! You can actually feel everything in Offline.

While online, you don’t have to directly deal with people. It’s good for people like me who are Introvert (Yeah! I think I’m introvert).

People who think online is cool and not doing anything yet are definitely doing yourself a disservice by not setting you your personal brand, funnel, etc. I will share with you how.

Are you ready to Invest?

READY awefirst

If you’ve come online because you’re afraid to look people in the face and offer them your product, I would strongly recommend that you should master in person connection first.

Come online out of strength, not weakness. Otherwise, you’ll end up losing everything. Whatever you do, should be done with passion.

You need to come to the online world with the right mindset. If you’re scared to invest in your business initially, and then back into your business as you grow then you’re not looking at it as a business. You’re still in a hobby mentality. You have to invest.

All millionaires and billionaires have lost their money at one time. While the poor people are the ones who never lost their money. This is because the rich mentality people take a risk with their money and the poor ones don’t.

Don’t think that you need a huge investment to start online. That’s one of its benefit in the online world, it’s lean!

Most of your money should go into learning from experts what you should be doing.

Having some funds set aside for advertising will exponentially grow your business. Just make sure that you’ve invested to learn how to run ads so that rest of your money isn’t wasted.

Nowadays, its so easy to learn something new. You find all the resources on YouTube for absolutely free. Just you need to have the mindset to learn.

I will, however, hook you up and try to connect you with the best in every element of online business! Keep on reading because you’re going to learn something new.

Difference between Marketing and Prospecting

prospecting awefirstphoto credit: unsplash

This is an important distinction to understand. Just to explain to you in a simple way, Prospecting is like a fishing with a bait-casting rod (fishing rod). You’re casting your line out and reeling one fish at a time in a targeted way. That’s actually great.

While marketing is to cast out a net! When you cast a net, you can pull in a large number of people quickly.

Now, should you do prospecting online through social media? Absolutely, YES! Give it a try and see if you like it. I want to open your mind to the evolution of using a NET.

The most powerful net, in my opinion, is attracting marketing online on the internet. And, the best marketing channel for attraction marketing is Blogging.

What is Attraction Marketing?

Attraction Marketing is a systematic approach to deliver valuable content to a targeted audience for the sake of building trust and credibility with them.

That audience becomes legal customers or business builders without you to chase them.

While attraction marketing has become very popular on the internet, it can actually be done through other mediums as well. You just know to leverage the internet.

Think in this way. You need to brand yourself. You should be putting some valuable content into the marketplace that both serve others, and leaves them hungry for more. You want to become someone of value that people want to buy and work with.

Let me give you an overview of what your online business could look like. Keep in mind that it’s growing and evolving every single day.

business network awefirst


You produce some valuable content for your audience through blogging or any kind of social media sites above. People who connect with your social media get driven through a call to action at the end of the content back to your blog – your home base.

While in multiple places in your blog, you’ll have lead magnets where people enter their name and email to get some kind of free training.

You then refer them after more content to your sales page where they can decide to get your products or participate in your opportunity.

Since you’ve been providing valuable content at every stage they are more than educated on your products and are excited to buy.

Why you should start Blogging!

When people ask what strategies they should use online they usually ask about social media, advertising, webinars etc…

And all of those things are awesome!

But hands down if there was one platform that I would not sacrifice it would be my blogs. If I could encourage you to seek to master one platform.

It would be Blogging. If you are going to invest your time, energy and money into learning one thing to grow your business online.

It should be Blogging. Check Free Blogging site you can start today.

Are you feeling how serious I’m about blogging yet? Lol

You only truly own two things online i.e your blog and your email list.

Why E-mails are so important?

That’s why in my opinion these are the two most important topics out there on the subject of personal branding and building your MLM(Multi-level Marketing) online.

Your blog will also become the hub for all of your other marketing effort. This is your most valuable piece of real estate online!

Your home base. Every video, article and lead magnet you create should ultimately lead people back to your blog, where you provide them with the solutions to their greatest problems.

Eventually, you want people to think of your blog as their ‘go to place’ for their questions about your niche or topic. Over time people are going to ask you to sell them more premium content on their subject of interest.

When you get to this level, things get really fun!

Have a Right mindset

Before I share some really important tips for your blog, I want you to go into this with the right mindset. ( I know, I know, here I go on mindset again haha).

Mindset is everything. Without a proper mindset, you can’t do anything. It’s all about “Think and Grow Rich”.  

I want you to know that if you wait until you have the perfect website up with the perfect design, perfect lead magnets, and a bunch of content already up, you simply won’t get launched.

One of the best advice that I received from my mentor was “anything worth doing, is worth doing poorly at first”.

So, dive in do your best, but try to get things rolling ASAP.


I really hope this article has served you. You should start pumping value into the marketplace. You will see your marketing effort, the energy it takes to cast that net, absolutely pay off!

Anything you do with this information will serve you as long as you take Action. I honor you for reading this entire article and for striving to create a better life for yourself and others.

As a fellow traveler down the road, I would like to stay connected to you. We are, after all, NETWORKERS.

Thank You


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