Selling physical products is an awesome way to make money. While Shopify dropshipping is an business model where you can set up your own profit margin. You neither have to own a product nor handle any burden of shipping.

I will not waste your enough time by explaining the theoretical part. Those are useless. In simple language just understand that you’ve to sell someone else’s product to someone else and in between you will cut your commission.

Let’s dive in with the practical knowledge in detail.

E-commerce is growing exponentially. If you don’t put your hands now, then you will definitely regret later.

Let’s start looking for a product. Shall we?

My number one source for dropship products is the sister company of Alibaba.

It’s called AliExpress.

It’s like the retail version of the website. It means you can order one product at a time instead of bulk products.

Products will be little more expensive than ALibaba, but that’s expected considering it as a retail.

Now, you can’t possibly find a product without knowing what actually you are looking for right?

So, I created a criteria or a guide to help you choose the product that you want to sell.

Here are top 5 things that I look for whenever I’m looking for a product to sell.

#1- Passionate Market

You have to choose a market that will most likely buy over and over again.

Passionate market are hobbies like fishing, cycling, climbing, camping, etc.

#2- Massive facebook fans

Don’t try to sell products to people who doesn’t exist just yet. It’s much easier to go in front of people who already wants your product. Fb fan pages will give you idea about it.

#3 Price range from $1-$15

People don’t go to facebook to buy a refrigerator or washing machine. Only sell products that you can get from AliExpress with the price point of $1-$15.

You can sell these for $10-$50 each(set any price you want depending on the demand).

#4 There’s should be e-packet shipping facility.

This is the fastest and cheapest shipping at the same time. I only sell products with e-packet because I’ll get the maximum profit and also deliver within 2-3 days.

Now, lets see with an real example.


There’s a lot of categories to choose from an AliExpress.


Again, you should start with passion markets.

In fact, you should ask yourself right now.

What are my hobbies? My interests? My past time?

Personally, I like to start with SPORTS AND OUTDOORS.


Let’s say I choose HIKING.

Now, I’ll just browse around while making a mental note of my other criteria.

You can also just type the category name and then search.

Try to look something different. Ask one question to yourself before choosing a product.

Would you buy this product?

Choose a product only if you like.

Once you found something interesting, go on and run the criteria on it.


#1 Passionate Market

Yes, this product is under Hiking(which is my passion).

#2 Massive Facebook fans

Are there any fan pages on FB related to Hiking? it should also have good number of followers.

Go to facebook and search.

You can also go to  Google and look for “Hiking online stores” and search for those brands on FB.

#3 Price is $1-$15






Yap, it’s under the price that was decided.

#4 There’s an e-packet shipping


ePacket is available.

There’s a good chance that this product will sell, as long as we create and target the right market for FB advertising later.

And that’s how simple product search is:

No need for any complicated analyzation of product.

The product search part should be fast and easy.

Now, let’s start creating your own Shopify store.

Set up your shopify store

I recommend you to take the free 14 day trial. If everything goes well, you’ll see your first sale during the trial period only.

Later, choose the basic plan.

basic plan

Click on Get started on top right.

Put your email ID, name of the store and press Create your store.

For the name of your store, I will recommend you to do a NAME BRAND so you can use it for other niches just in case your first niche or set of products doesn’t work out the way you  planned.

Then Enter your full information as asked.

Click NEXT.

Then Enter my STORE.

Once you enter, it should look something this way…

dashboard shopify

Click on SETTINGS on left.


payment shopify

You must prioritize the payments as this is the important part.

I highly recommend you to use PAYPAL(this is best) as it is applicable for all countries. Paypal will also increase your sales by around 20-30%.

Next step contains some personal financial details but, you can easily input those on the page.

Then, click SAVE.

Next step is the SHIPPING OPTION.

There’s no one correct way to set this up.

You can choose the shipping rate between FREE,PER WEIGHT and PER PRICE.

If you want to add a shipping option, just click the following and you’ll be required to put the weight and the shipping price per lbs.

shipping zone

The next step is to click ACCOUNT.

You need to put your credit card information here so you can continue your current Shopify plan.

Next is to hover to ONLINE STORE and put some general information for your store.

Then click SAVE.

Now, go back to homepage and then click on ONLINE STORE.

Then click on THEMES and visit THEME STORE.


You can choose a FREE theme for now. Select a theme that looks simple and clean.

You don’t need a fancy store to sell products on FACEBOOK or INSTAGRAM.

Simple is always attractive and better…!!!

Once you choose one, click INSTALL THEME and PUBLISH AS MY SHOP’S THEME.

Next, you can add your custom domain.

So, instead of having You will have

The next step is to ADD YOUR PRODUCT.

This is the page where customers will land on your facebook ads.


Make this one as simple as possible too.!

Tell them what you’re selling, benefits and call to action.

You can copy or get inspiration from the template I created below.

For the  image, make sure that you get high quality images from GOOGLE or from the seller itself.

You can create a DISCOUNT code by going to the discount tab on the left.


Then upload your images.

Also, add some variations.

Enter the price(Don’t put the price too high).

Then, save your product.

Don’t put too many products first time. Try out with 10-15 products, Once you finish listing your product, it’s time to start advertising or testing on Facebook.


Before you start creating your first ad, you have to have a Facebook fan page.

It’s very easy to create a page on facebook.

Just hover on SETTINGS and create page. Next follow the steps by clicking NEXT.

Place a PROFILE picture, cover and a short bio about your business.

Once you finish creating up your page, you’re ready to create your first ad.

Choose Traffic and then continue.


Then name your adset.

Usually, I use the product name.

Then choose the right audience for your product.

This is the most important part. Even more important and your ad creative.

Always start with United States only.


Then I always use the settings below for age and gender.


For the intereswt, you will put the fan pages that you encounter while doing the product research.

What are the brands and pages that has thousands or millions of followers?

Click save Audience so you can just use the same audience if you create another ad with the same target market.

Follow this exact setting for the placement as shown below.


For the budget and schedule, I set it for $5 per day for 3 days.


In case of your image ad, use the settings as shown below.

image ad

For the image ad, I recommend that you show the product in use or show what the product actually does.

ad image

Once you set up your ad, place the product URL where you want customers to visit once they click on your ad.

Next step is to place the Headline and text.

Always remember that your headline should be attractive. It should GRAB your customers attention. You can grab your customers attention by giving DISCOUNTS.

People will not click your ad if they don’t find any reason to click. So, for the text give a reason for your customers to click.

Most people fail in this part only. Even if your product is good, you mayn’t find customers if you ad sucks and end up losing all your money.

You don’t have to spend a single penny in advertising if your website ranks in the front page of Google. Here I have mentioned all the FREE tools you can use to improve your ranking.

Nobody can create an perfect ad. It requires a lot of testing especially in the beginning.

How will you know which part of your ad suck?

There will be three possible ways.

#1 NO Sale, comments or anyting.

Your ad sucks, your product sucks or your targeting sucks.

Just cut the ad and move on to another product.

Move on from your losses and just start getting other products and interests.

#2 No sale but with lots of clicks to your website.

Your ad and product is viable.

However, you might be over priced or shipping fee is over overpriced.

Change it and see what happens.

#3 You get 1 or 2 sales

In this case, increase your ad budget by 25% and keep running the ads as long as it is profitable. Even if you’re just at breakdown, continue running the ad and continue increasing the ad budget by 10% everyday as long as you’re still making sales.

This was the whole simple process of a dropshipping business model and earning from Shopify.


Shopify Dropshipping is the most easiest and fastest way to earn money online. But don’t misunderstand to be a get quick rich scheme.

This is a real business and requires a lot of dedication and enthusiasm.

I have shared all the basic knowledge you need to start your dropship business.

You just need to take action and test what you just learned.

You never really know what works until you try it. Just take small steps daily and you will be successful.

Thank You.

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