A view of Email Marketing

Many of you may think that email marketing is dead. There is no use of email marketing in today’s competitive industry. 

I’m sure you’ll be completely surprised to know the benefits of email marketing after reading this article.

I will share some new tips on email marketing that you may not know. So, have a little patience and read this entire article. These ideas will inspire you to hop into email marketing again.

According to a survey, there were 4.1 billion active email accounts in 2014, the number is expected to increase to 5.6 billion towards the end of this decade.

Email marketing is still considered one of the best marketing campaigns as it is the cheapest and fastest way of marketing. 

The best thing about email is you can directly reach to your customer. Many marketers try to buy email databases and send random emails to that audience.

Buying email databases and sending emails is email marketing?   NO, it’s spamming!                                                          Or

Sending emails to 100s of people a day is email marketing? No, even this is not.

Email marketing is sending emails to the audience who are interested in your product or service. It’s very important to send the mail to the target audience.

But one question arises now. Where to find the target audience? How will I know is someone is interested in my products or not?

To understand this, you should know about permission email marketing.

What is permission marketing?

Seth Godin said Permission Marketing is a way to turn your strangers into friends and friends into customers.”

Permission Marketing is about educating and helping people with their growth. This is done with the permission of the customer just like the newsletter(discussed in the next section), where people themselves submit their email.

Based on a recent survey, it was found that for every dollar you spent in an email marketing, you receive $39 in return, which is 3,900% return. 

Sounds insane. Right? But it’s a true fact.

Types of Email Marketing

#Email Newsletter 

email marketing newsletter

Whenever you visit any website, you may have noticed a small section as Newsletter, where you have to drop down your email address.

Have you ever wondered, what they do by collecting your emails?

It involves sending out the informational or promotional news so that we show interest in their product. For any company, an email newsletter is the best way to connect with their customer.

An average person checks their email at least twice a day.

Once you subscribe to any newsletter, it actually means that you’ve given permission to the company to send you mails related to their regular updates or services launched.

But if you are annoyed with their mails, you can simply unsubscribe to that list.

#Drip Marketing

It is a type of automated communication strategy which involves in sending the pre-written set of messages to customers over time.

drip email marketing

Source: Pardot

Why is drip marketing necessary?

No doubt, email newsletters are one of the best ways to deliver the latest updates and announcements. But new subscribers only receive the latest emails. They don’t get the old emails that you’ve sent out to your list.

New subscribers will only receive mails that have been sent only after they sign up. To overcome this problem, drip marketing is necessary.

In drip marketing, emails are pre-written and the emails are scheduled. All the subscribed users will receive the same emails.

Suppose, one mail is sent out immediately someone signs up. The next will be after 2 days, next after a week, and goes on.

Here, emails can be varied according to the user’s action. You will understand Drip Marketing better from the example below

#Cold Mailing(One-to-One) 

Cold email is a communication strategy which involves sending out mail to a potential customer with whom there is no prior relationship. It is also involved in creating an awareness of a brand/business.

Cold mail is like a cold call as if someone unknown is trying to sell its goods or services. It should be sent to the potential customers, else people will misunderstand as spam.

Cold emails can be very profitable for a business. If the emails reach to the potential traffic, it can convert prospects into customers. On the other hand, it can also reflect badly on a business leading to a decline in sales.  

#Freebie Offering

email marketing freebie

Freebie Offering is a marketing strategy which involves giving away products for free. This marketing is considered to be the most successful strategy in attracting new customers and also to increase future sales.

Almost everyone is attracted towards the word “free”.There’s always a good feeling when we receive products for free. Giving away a low priced product for free increases the percentage of sales of a higher valued product.

Normally, new companies come out with this marketing strategy in order to create brand awareness and attract new customers.

Online companies mostly give away their services as a free trial which later encourages a customer to buy their service.       

#Transactional Emails 

Transactional Emails sometimes called as Trigger emails as they get activated by someone’s action or possibly by someone’s inaction with a web app.

These emails are designed for a mass audience but they are unique to each person and the action they perform.

For ex: You receive an email after making a purchase online, after purchasing the product, there’s another mail asking for rating or feedback, receiving a mail after posting on facebook, etc.

All these are examples of transactional emails.

You can use any marketing technique depending on the type of business you are doing.


That’s the scoop on Email Marketing. As you can see, Email marketing is still a good asset for many online businesses. There is a very good ROI in email campaigns.

Of course, you shouldn’t misunderstand email marketing and shouldn’t miss out on the possible opportunities in email marketing.

Here’s the breakdown of the different types of email marketing:

#Email Newsletter

#Drip Marketing

#Cold Mailing

#Freebie Offering

#Transactional Emails

I hope this guide provided you with some ideas about email marketing.

If I have missed out anything, let me know in the comments.

Thank you.

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