Is Nipah Virus Dangerous ? How it is affecting

Nipah Virus

People in India are afraid of eating fruit, a good quality fruits. Just because they’re afraid that they might get infected by NIPAH VIRUS.

Nipah Virus is a deadly viral disease spread by bats through fruits. It had infected at least 18 people in Kerala, India and killing 17 of them, according to the WHO(World Health Organization).

The state is in full alert to prevent this infectious disease. It mainly causes respiratory problems or brain swelling among humans.

Nipah is not something new. It was first discovered in Malaysia in 1998. It sickened nearly 300 people and killed 100 of them. The name Nipah also has been taken from one of the villages  in Malaysia where it first struct.

Mostly, the victims were farmers of the villages who contracted the virus through close contact with their pigs. Later it came to be known that the pigs actually got the virus from another animal. It’s now known that the fruit bats are the native carriers of Nipah.

Besides this case, Nipah virus has also been found in places like Singapore, Bangladesh and now in India. The current treatment measures of this virus is insufficient. The World Health Organization has listed this virus as a high priority for research.


People affected by Nipah develop flu like symptoms of headache, cough and fever within three to fourteen days of been exposed. The illness often may get worse quickly with sufferers developing symptoms like acute respiratory distress, pneumonia, disfunction of the brain.

If you’re infected by this virus or if this type of symptoms start displaying within yourself, there is a 60% of chance that the victim may go into coma within 48 hours. This is really the serious part of this virus. Till now doctors couldn’t find any definite treatment of this virus.

According to researchers, Nipah virus cannot stay more than few days on an average of 4 days outside the human body in an ideal environment. The ideal environment for Nipah virus is that it likes cold weather.

It likes an temperature of about 22’C . It doesn’t like an acidic or alkaline environment. It likes an neutral pH. Even if it is kept in an best environment, it will survive upto 4 days, which means the half life of Nipah virus is not more than few hours. This virus is very sensitive to heat.

It has been proven by research that this virus can’t stay for more than 2 hours in higher temperature. Desiccation of this virus leads to an drastic reduction in the survival time to less than 2 hours.

This virus has been transmitted to India or other countries only through humans(according to latest reports). During the incubation period, infected people travelling from Malaysia to other countries carry the virus along with them which then spreads to other.

An non-profit organization CEPI (Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations) has announced to provide $25 million in funding to two US based pharmaceutical companies(Profectus BioSciences and Emergent BioSolutions) to develop and test a vaccine against Nipah Virus.


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